Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR

Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR

The Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR is a unique "think tank" at the forefront of fundamental physics research. In particular, the aim is to use the properties and behavior of particles to gain new insights into the past of the cosmos and to make predictions about how the universe will develop.

At the heart of the research is the planned FAIR accelerator facility at GSI, a tunnel more than a kilometer long in which, for example, gold and lead ions can be accelerated to nearly the speed of light. But the program also includes applied research - the ions from the accelerator will be used to develop new materials as well as to further develop proven cancer therapies through irradiation.

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Welcome to the website of the Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR. Here we would like to give you an insight into our research, the projects we carry out and our scientists.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Aumann
Managing Director of the academy

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