Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR

Main research topics of the academy

Within the Research Academy Hesse for FAIR, we are working on all fields of the FAIR programme. During the build-up phase, a serious focus is placed on the development of particle detectors and analysis methods for the experiments. Research in theory concentrates on the other hand on preparation of models, theories and predictions as much as possible.

The scientific main emphasis of the Research Academy Hesse for FAIR is set on the experimental and theoretical research in the
four main research pillars of FAIR, namely APPA, CBM, NUSTAR and PANDA. In the build-up phase, especially the development of
detectors and analysis methods for these experiments, completed by the support of selected aspects of accelerator physics and
scientific computing. The Research Academy Hesse for FAIR serves as 'Think Tank', in other words the research at FAIR will be
state of the art and beyond to form the basis for future far-reaching scientific success.