Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR


One ring to store all ions...

The CRYRING is a heavy ion storage ring formerly located at the Manne Siegelbahn Laboratory at Stockholm University.

In its nearly two decades of operation in Sweden, CRYRING has made many significant scientific contributions to atomic and molecular physics. To further develop its capabilities in the field of intense beams of highly charged ions, exotic isotopes and antiprotons, it was agreed to move CRYRING from Sweden to GSI/FAIR. 

In collaboration with our Swedish partners and other international contributors, we are working on the CRYRING@ESR project.

At FAIR, the ring has been modernized and adapted downstream of ESR. There, it is both a test bed for new FAIR technologies and a new home for research with slow exotic ion beams for several FAIR collaborations: SPARC, BioMat, FLAIR and NuSTAR.

Many scientists at the Helmholtz Research Academy of Hesse for FAIR are contributing to the success of this setup in the early stages of the FAIR facility.