Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR


On the trail of antimatter

The PANDA experiment will be one of the key experiments at FAIR. By means of a primary proton beam, antiprotons are generated, which are then filled into the High Energy Storage Ring (HESR). They will then collide with the fixed target in the PANDA detector.

The PANDA collaboration with more than 420 scientists from 18 countries is performing fundamental physics research on various topics related to weak and strong forces, exotic states of matter, and the structure of hadrons.

To obtain all the necessary information from antiproton-proton collisions, a very versatile detector is being built that will allow precise reconstruction of particle tracks, energy and momentum measurements, and very efficient identification of charged particles.

Scientists from the Research Academy contribute decisively to the success of the experiment in the context of development, implementation and theory development.