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Strange particles

A deep understanding of hadronic final-state interactions is central to the analysis and prediction of experimental data sets.

 his is important for meson-baryon systems, as already studied in the pion-beam program in the HADES experiment. With the PANDA experiment, this physics program is decisively extended. It will additionally study baryon resonance systems with strandedness, providing a deeper insight into the nature of hadrons.

Such an extension requires a significant theoretical effort, which must take into account the theory of quantum chromodynamics. While there is a huge experimental dataset on the baryon spectrum with zero strandess quantum number, the information on systems with multiple strandess has been quite limited. This will change with phase 1 of PANDA@FAIR.

The challenge for our theoretical support of this program is to extrapolate the QCD resonance spectrum in its strangeness quantum number.


Strangeness ist eine der sechs Ladungen der schwachen Wechselwirkungen, die sogenannten "Flavours". 

Die üblichen Ladungen, die unsere erlebbare Welt ausmachen, sind up und down. 
In Kern-Kern-Kollisionen werden allerdings auch strange und charm produziert, in sehr hochenergetischen Kollisionen auch bottom und top.