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Neutron-rich nuclei with R3B

Neutrons wherever the eye looks

In this project, neutron-rich nuclei and neutron-rich matter are studied at the R3B experiment.

Accurate measurements of the decay cross sections of neutrons in neutron-rich zinnisotopes will be performed to constrain the so-called neutron skin thickness and the equation of state of neutron matter.

In addition, the project will provide the necessary reaction theories and ab-initio calculations of neutron-rich zinnisotopes and neutron-rich matter. Ab initio calculations are calculations that make as few assumptions as possible and start from the fundamental theory.

Predictions are also made for the impact on neutron stars and LIGO/Virgo and NICER observations. Thus, the results have a direct impact on other fields, especially gravitational wave measurements.

Neutron-rich nuclei with R3B