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Prof. Dr. Thomas Aumann

Prof. Dr. Thomas Aumann


  • received his doctorate in 1995 in Mainz, where he habilitated in 2006
  • conducts research in particular on the properties of short-lived "exotic" nuclei
  • was involved together with Meytal Duer in the discovery of the Tetra-Neutron, an isolated four-neutron system
  • holds a professorship at the Institute of Nuclear Physics at TU Darmstadt since 2010 and is head of the research department Nuclear Reactions at the GSI Helmoltz Center
  • is one of the directors of the Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR since 2020

Main research topic

Nuclear Astrophysics


Prof. Dr. Thomas Aumann
TU Darmstadt
Institut für Kernphysik
Schlossgartenstr. 9
64289 Darmstadt

Selected projects of Prof. Dr. Thomas Aumann

Prof. Dr. Thomas Aumann